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Pet Rescue (Test 2 of 10)

Project Pawz, a pet rescue organization in New London, is taking steps to meet the demands of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Veterinary Division following an investigation into the group. Dr. Patricia Norris, director of the animal welfare section in the department’s veterinary division, sent a letter to Project Pawz Sept. 9 via owner Wendy Laney. An Animal Health Technician visited the location to try to inspect it but was turned away by Laney, according to the letter from Norris. “Until these facilities have valid AWS animal shelter certificates of registration, you may not operate them as animal shelters,” Norris wrote.

Laney said she disagreed with the department, saying she didn’t operate a public shelter and that the animals were on private property. Laney said the animals were well-cared-for, with an outdoor play space, plenty of water for drinking and cooling off and more. Laney said she told Blatche she knew she would not pass inspection since she was not trying to run a public shelter and was not trying to meet those standards.