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Durham Explosion

The Durham Fire Department has concluded there was no evidence of criminal activity in the April 10 explosion that killed two people and injured 25 others. The report follows a three-month investigation in which more than 25 people were interviewed, and numerous 911 calls and videotapes were reviewed. Findings revealed that the explosion occurred at 115 North Duke Street when "an explosive atmosphere was created when a gas service line was struck during a horizontal boring operation," the report found. "This breach allowed fugitive gas to flow until reaching an ignition source, at which time an explosion occurred resulting in severely damaged and destroyed buildings."

The report also concluded that the gas was ignited by an "undetermined source within 115 Duke Street leading to the explosion," and that there is no "evidence of criminal intent by any company or individual to warrant criminal prosecution." Three additional reports about the explosion are currently in progress. Investigators expect them to be released later this fall. The Durham City-County Emergency Management Department is putting together an after-action report that reviews the total incident response from a strategic perspective. The Durham Fire Department After-Action Report will review the tactical response of the department. The N.C. Utilities Commission, which is the regulatory agency overseeing the accident investigation, will issue a report covering the utility companies and the circumstances leading to the accident.