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Wake Forest Scholarship

Wake Forest University said it will redirect $50,000 it got from a California foundation connected to a nationwide admissions scandal. In a message to campus Monday, university President Nathan Hatch said the money will go to the Magnolia Scholars program that supports first-generation college students who attend WFU. Hatch also said he ordered the university's athletics director and admissions dean "to focus their attention jointly on reviewing and fortifying our admissions process."

Wake Forest found itself in the spotlight last week when federal prosecutors indicted women's volleyball coach Bill Ferguson as part of a nationwide scheme allegedly orchestrated by California college prep consultant Rick Singer. Fifty people -- 33 of them parents -- face federal charges for illegally conspiring to get their children into several elite U.S. colleges. In some cases, parents allegedly paid Singer to help their children cheat on the SAT or ACT, either by getting answers to questions or having an impostor take the test for them. In other cases, students were portrayed as top athletes -- they weren't -- and coaches were allegedly bribed to help them get into selective schools through a side door reserved for actual college athletes.